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Breakfast Menu


Watermelon Boats Or Fresh Fruit platter

Cantaloupe, watermelon, honey dew, grapes, kiwi, strawberries

Serves 10-15 $39.95

Serves 20-25 $49.95


Continental Breakfast

Choice of muffins, croissants, mini bagels, tea breads or assorted Danish choice of cream cheese or butter


Fruit & Pastry Platter

Sliced fruit and mini pastries

Serves 10-15 $29.95

Serves 20-25 $39.95



Tossed Garden Salad

Iceberg & green leaf lettuce with cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, red onion, peppers black olives & croutons. Choice of dressings

Serves 10-15 $19.95

Serves 20-25 $35.95


Greek Salad

Tossed greens with fresh feta, pepperoncini, red onion, tomatoes with greek dressing

Serves 10-15 $24.95

Serves 20-25 $39.95


Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce fresh parmesan cheese garlic & cheese croutons with caesar dressing

Serves 10-15 $24.95  Add Chicken $41.95 Add Steak $49.95

Serves 20-25 $39.95  Add Chicken $79.95 Add Steak $85.95


Fresh Mixed Greens

Mescaline greens, red onion, walnuts & gorgonzola served with raspberry vinaigrette Dressing

Serves 10-15 $39.95

Serves 20-25 $49.95


Appetizers & Hors D’oeuvres


Vegetable Tray With Bread Bowl

Veggies: Cucumbers, carrots, celery, broccoli, mushrooms. Cherry tomatoes, peppers

Serves 10-15 $22.95

Serves 20-25 $37.95


Mediterranean Platter

Hummus filled peppers surrounded by chunks of feta cheese, sliced red onion, roasted red peppers and kalamata olives, severed with pita chips and pretzels

Serves 10-15 $39.99

Serves 20-25 $49.95


Stuffed Mushrooms Tray

Medium sized mushrooms filled with your choice of crab stuffing, sausage or signature mushroom filling

Serves 10-15 $32.95


Caprese Salad

Fresh mozzarella cheese slices layered between vine tomatoes and fresh basil drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette

Serves 10-15 $32.95


Cheese Platter

Bite size pieces of sharp cheddar, muenster, pepperoni, and zesty jalapeno served with assorted crackers & red and green grapes

Serves 10-15 $36.95

Serves 20-25 $49.95


Assorted Wings

Choose from BBQ, buffalo, teriyaki with blue cheese, carrot & celery

Serves 10-15 $34.95

Serves 20-25 $46.95


Sesame Chicken Tray

Frilled chicken marinated in sesame oil baked in panko bread crumbs and soy sauce

Serves 10-15 $42.95

Serves 20-25 $56.95


Beef Teriyaki Tray

Marinated in teriyaki glaze grilles to perfection

Serves10-15 $46.95

Serves 20-25 $59.95


Classic Shrimp Platter

125 Large shrimp arranged and served with our famous cocktail sauce

Serves 20-25 49.95


Scallops Wrapped In Bacon

Serves 15-20 $54.95


Chicken Wrapped In Bacon

Serves 15-20 $49.95




American Deli Platter

Roast beef, turkey, ham & assorted cheese on choice of rolls

Serves 10-15 $42.95

Serves 20-25 $52.95


Italian Deli platter

Imported mortadella, genoa salami, hot ham & provolone cheese with choice of rolls

Serves 10-15 $42.95

Serves 20-25 $52.95


Tea Or Finger Sandwiches

Choices include tuna fish, seafood salad, chicken salad, ham or egg salad on pumpernickel or rye bread or small rolls

Serves 10-15 $26.95

Serves 20-25 $39.99


All The Fixings

Shredded lettuce, slice tomatoes, red onion, mustard, mayonnaise

Serves 10-15 $15.95

Serves 20-25 $22.95


Deli Salads


Homemade Potato or Red Bliss Salad

Serves 15-20 $22.95


Homemade Cole Slaw

Serves 15-20 $22.95


Homemade Macaroni Salad

Serves 15-20 $22.95


 Relish Platter

Sweet gherkins, marinated artichokes hearts & mushrooms, pepperincini and olives

Serves 10-15 $20.95

Serves 20-25 $30.95




Italian Lasagna

Choose from meat, meatless or vegetable each made with noodles and our famous ricotta cheese and homemade marinara sauce

Serves 10-15 $32.95 (meatless or veggie)

Serves 10-15 $39.95 (with meat) 


Chicken Broccoli Penne

Penne pasta with tender chicken and fresh broccoli in our homemade Alfredo Sauce

Serves 10-15 $36.95



Homemade meatballs with our famous marinara sauce

Serves 10-15 $29.95


Sausage Peppers & onions

Sweet Italian sausages with sautéed peppers and onions

Serves 10-15 $32.95


Eggplant Parmesan

Thin-sliced breaded eggplant, layered with cheese & our own
homemade sauce

Serves 10-15 $39.95


Chicken Parmesan

Chicken breast, lightly breaded, topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, and our homemade sauce

Serves 10-15 $49.95


Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry

Oriental stir-fry with prime tips of beef in a teriyaki glaze

Serves 10-15 $42.95 (Also available in chicken)




Steak Tip Kabobs

Marinated in our own glaze served with rice pilaf

Serves 10-15 Market Price


Side Dishes


Mashed Potatoes

Maple Glazes Carrots

Butternut Squash

Oven Roasted Potatoes

Rice Pilaf

Vegetable Medley

Green Beans


Serves 10-15 $26.95 Each


Dinner Roll Basket

Assorted rolls served with butter

Serves 20 $22.00



Quarter sheet Cake

Serves 12-18 $40.00


Half Sheet Cake

Serves 35-45 $65.00


Full Sheet Cake

Serves 55-70 $115.00


Choices are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Lemon, Marble or Half and half

(You may also add and editable images or decorations for additional cost fondant is also available

We Also do custom Cakes Please ask for designs and pricing)




European Platter

Award Winning Carrot cake, cream puffs, mini éclairs

Serves 10-15 $28.00

Serves 20-25 $48.95


Brownie Platter

4 dozen of our homemade assorted brownies (chocolate chip, cherry bomb , blondie’s)

Serves 20-25 $28.95


Assorted Cookie Platter

4 dozen of our homemade cookies/ Italian cookies available

Serves 20-25 $29.95


Mini  Cannoli’s  & Éclair Platter

Serves 20-25 $39.95


Cupcake  Tray

Mini ‘s  serves 10-15 $16.00  20-25 $24.00

Large Serves  10-15 $24.00   20-25 $28.00

 (Decorations at an additional cost)


Start at $38

Serves 8-10 Prices vary depending on flavors choice


Chocolate Fountain or Beverage Fountain Also available Call for Pricing


  • We specialize exceeding your culinary expectations
  • Free delivery to Plymouth and surrounding areas. Setup available for an additional cost
  • Cash charge or corporate checks excepted
  • Place your order by calling 508-746-1944 Or 508-524-3502 small order require 48 hour notice and large orders 72 hours notice.